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Tangle Free Hair Clips

The majority of haircare products on the market are simply not designed for full-body or curly hair types. Those with such hair can have a tough time finding accessories that match their needs. A major problem found is that traditional hair clips often rely on metal springs that can cause painful snags, frustration, and even tears for young kids. They often use slender teeth that can knot or tangle thicker curly hair and are not built for added capacity and strength. 


Lillie Clips were conceived specifically for full-body, natural, textured, and curly hair types. To address these issues we started with the spring. The Lillie Clip uses a molded living hinge inherent to the design. As a single-part construction, the design would be incredibly cost-effective to manufacture. Developing the product required many iterations, prototypes, and material tests to find the perfect balance between flexibility and strength. We also reimagined the teeth and found the small rounded nubs created the ideal friction and hold. Our easy-to-lock and easy-to-open latch design makes it a cinch to use with one hand while out of sight. When opened, the clip and teeth release the hair with no risk of tangling making use of the Lillie Clips an enjoyable experience.

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Lillie Belle NY

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