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Protective Camera System Case

The Longshot camera case was designed with ultimate robust storage and protection in mind. Created for Longshot’s premium outdoor camera systems, this case was engineered for high-impact and drop protection along with total water submersion providing a high rating of IP65.    


Designed to safely house and transport the cameras to the range or anywhere else it provides enough space for the long-range camera, receiver, small tripod, battery pack, and charger. Everything a marksman needs for their remote spotting system. 


Made from a durable Polypropylene (PP) for high-impact resistance and reduced weight. The case's form factor was designed to accomplish several needs. First, the surfaces and ribbing created an added structure for ultimate rigidity and durability. Second, it needed to fit into the product line family by communicating a similar design language to the cameras that we developed. Next, the case would have a built-in nesting feature on the top and bottom to make storage and stacking on one another easy and secure. Lastly, we designed a large surface space where a removable label could be applied to double as retail packaging and branding. 


There were many engineering innovations to add including the unique latch design which uses a dual hinge mechanism that sits flush with the outer surface. Coupled with a button press feature for added security to prevent accidental opening. The design also features a pressure regulator valve and side lock loops for an added padlock space.

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