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Scope Camera

Shooting as a sport has been practiced for hundreds of years in European countries, with some German marksmen clubs dating back more than 500 years. Athletic marksmen to this day compete in Olympic competitions with many learning to control both breathing and heart rate to accurately hit targets up to two miles and well beyond the human eye. 


The Longshot Hawk was designed to assist marksmen on the range by giving them an up-close view of their target using a tablet, laptop, or other mobile device. Using its built-in camera the Hawk acts as the marksman’s spotter providing a crystal-clear image of the target down range on the display screen. The Hawk then relays live feedback to an external device so the marksmen can view their shot placement in real-time to better help them refine their accuracy. 


To accommodate a wide range of scope sizes the Hawk was designed with a unique clamping mechanism to accurately align the camera with the viewing lens. As the Hawk’s clamp moves down the camera is pulled up to keep both camera and lens centered. Additionally, if the scope of the Hawk is capable of rotating to ensure the images are perfectly aligned and designed with a high IP rating for weather resistance and drop protection.

UNBOX PD - Longshot HAWK_01.jpg
UNBOX PD - Longshot HAWK2.jpg
UNBOX PD - Longshot HAWK3.jpg
UNBOX PD - Longshot HAWK4.jpg
UNBOX PD - Longshot HAWK6.jpg
UNBOX PD - Longshot HAWK7.jpg
UNBOX PD - Longshot HAWK8.jpg


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