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backpack ventilation

The Ventapak was conceived as a way to bring more comfort and a better experience in wearing backpacks. Most backpacks on the market do not provide much airflow or distribute weight properly which can lead to sweat-stained clothing and discomfort. Whether you are commuting to work, or school, carrying around a heavy load, or out for a hike the Ventapak was designed to eliminate these issues and provide a comfortable easy-to-use solution. 


To achieve this the Ventapak uses an extremely lightweight but robust aluminum tube frame that offsets the backpack from the lower back, creates greater airflow, and distributes the weight to the shoulder straps. Extended over the frame is a durable grade three-way stretched mesh and soft padded neoprene that provides great comfort and breathability. 

To ensure great usability and user experience we worked to simplify the setup to three easy steps. 1) Loop and connect the top buckles around the backpack shoulder straps. 2) Synch down the vertical tensioning straps to the desired lumbar depth. 3) Use the bottom clips to connect to the backpack’s lower hip straps. These three easy steps provide the user with all the adjustability they need to secure the backpack in the most comfortable position.

UNBOX PD - Ventapak.jpg
UNBOX PD - Ventapak2.jpg
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UNBOX PD - Ventapak5.jpg
Ventapak Animation.gif
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UNBOX PD - Ventapak9_BLack & White.jpg
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