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AI powered 3D camera

Designed and developed for professional VR developers and video production this state-of-the-art device captures life in unparalleled detail, offering creators and professionals a new dimension of visual storytelling. Using four 4K lenses that instantly auto stitch to produce superior 16K all-around views. With its advanced AI algorithms, Cambot 360 delivers exceptional quality and ease of use offering auto-focus, seamless surround-views, and capturing content in an instant making it a frontrunner in the imaging technology industry. Dive into a world of immersive photography where every angle is your canvas."


Careful design considerations were made early in the development process to produce a camera that would be durable, long-lasting, and communicate premium quality both in materials and construction. Functional and performance considerations were made to lens protection, high heat generation, dispersion, protecting vital components, and hardware connectivity. Human-centered design considerations were made to the user interface, cable management, and ease of setup.

Project Snapshots

Unbox PD - Cambot 360 Design for Manufacturing
Unbox PD - Cambot 360_design for manufacturing
Unbox PD - Cambot 360 Part Design
Unbox PD - Cambot 360 Product Visualization
CAMBOT 360 Product Visualization
CAMBOT 360 -Prototyping
CAMBOT 360 - Design Engineering
CAMBOT 360 - Design Documentation
Unbox PD - Cambot 360_Concepts
Unbox PD - Cambot 360_Ideation
Unbox PD - Cambot 360 Insight & Ideation
Unbox PD - Cambot 360 Market Research

Cambot 360

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