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AI powered 3D camera

Using four 4K lenses that instantly auto stitch to produce superior 16K all-around views. Artificial intelligence software provides the ability to auto-focus and capture content of interest. Designed and developed for professional VR developers and video production.

Careful design considerations were made early in the development process. Our goal was to produce a camera that would be durable, long-lasting, and communicate premium quality both in materials and construction. Functional and performance considerations were made to high heat generation, dispersion, and protection of vital components. Usability considerations were made to the user interface and cable management out of view from the lens.

Project Snapshots

Unbox PD - Cambot 360 Design for Manufacturing
Unbox PD - Cambot 360_design for manufacturing
Unbox PD - Cambot 360 Part Design
Unbox PD - Cambot 360 Product Visualization
CAMBOT 360 Product Visualization
CAMBOT 360 -Prototyping
CAMBOT 360 - Design Engineering
CAMBOT 360 - Design Documentation
Unbox PD - Cambot 360_Concepts
Unbox PD - Cambot 360_Ideation
Unbox PD - Cambot 360 Insight & Ideation
Unbox PD - Cambot 360 Market Research

Cambot 360

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