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Motion Bassinet

As a subsidiary of the Newell Rubbermaid Company; Graco is the single largest baby stroller and seating producer in the world. As an experimental investigation, the goal for Graco was to develop a method that could allow fluid conversion from a bassinet or English pram to an upright seat or American stroller. This category requires thorough research into patents, ASTM standards, and human factors to understand possible infringements, opportunities, safety recommendations, limitations, and accommodating a wide range of children sizes as they develop. 


Our work progressed to apply the method and mechanics to a home bassinet here. In creating a marketable design ready for production the complexities increased in reducing part count and utilizing the most efficient manufacturing processes. By the end, a full-scale MVP prototype was developed to demonstrate the solution developed.

Project Snapshots

UNBOX PD - Graco Motion Bassinet -Visulization
UNBOX PD -Graco Motion Bassinet - Design for Manufacturing
UNBOX PD -Graco Motion Bassinet - Design for Manufacturing-2
UNBOX PD -Graco Motion Bassinet - Design for Manufacturing-3
UNBOX PD -Graco Motion Bassinet - High Fidelity Prototype
Unbox PD - Graco Motion Bassinet - Prototype Testing
UNBOX PD -Graco Motion Bassinet - Mockup and Prototype
UNBOX PD -Graco Motion Bassinet - Concept Development
UNBOX PD -Graco Motion Bassinet - Ideation


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