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Seawater Particle Analyzer

Our oceans are under threat and to understand their health we need data from around the world. 


As a NASA (SBIR) project, Horizon was designed to study microscopic particles at a speed never before possible. Connected to a vessel's plumbing, the laser scattering system can detect particles in the water as ships travel the seas. 


Such data can now provide a macro picture of a micro world. Design considerations were made to support durability, portability, drainage, security, access for maintenance, harsh working environments, low-volume production, and more.

European Product Design Award

Project Snapshots

Unbox PD - Horizon
Unbox PD - Sequoia Horizon_User Needs
Unbox PD - Sequoia Horizon_Design For Access
Unbox PD - Sequoia Horizon_Design For Durability
Unbox PD - Sequoia HorizonDesign For Disassembly
Unbox PD - Sequoia Horizon_DFM
Unbox PD - Sequoia Horizon_manufacturing
Unbox PD - Sequoia Horizon_Ideation
Unbox PD - Sequoia Horizon_Insight & Idea_


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