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Restroom Lumbar Support

Potty Pillow was initially conceived as a way to bring comfort to caregivers who often only have the toilet to sit on in the restroom. Through our development we found the product could be more far-reaching if we could address several challenges. First, to fit all lid sizes we developed a stretchable slip-on sleeve that could also be placed on the backside for lid closure. Next, we identified the lumbar position ideal for the 99 percentile but elevated from the seat pan to avoid touching. The internal memory foam used ultra-comfortable PUR. An easy-to-remove cover would be made from moisture replant, hospital grade, vegan leather, and treated with antimicrobial protectant.

In launching the brand we designed an e-commerce site to connect to all major sales channels, gift box packaging, trade show booths, sales materials, graphic design, web content, and much more. Manufacturing services are provided by Unbox in working with our partner factories abroad for cost-effective production at low volumes. 

Project Snapshots

Unbox PD - Potty Pillow_Final Product-2
Unbox PD - Potty Pillow_Product Visulization-1
Unbox PD - Potty Pillow_Final Product-1
Unbox PD - Potty Pillow_Product Visulization-2
Unbox PD - Potty Pillow_Product Visulization-3
Unbox PD - Potty Pillow_Web Design
Unbox PD - Potty Pillow_Packaging Design
Unbox PD - Potty Pillow_Trade Show Booth Design
Unbox PD - Potty Pillow_Design for Manufacturing
Unbox PD - Potty Pillow_Concept Development
Unbox PD - Potty Pillow_Ideation
Unbox PD - Potty Pillow_Brainstorming-2.

Potty Pillow

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